1st Anniversary of Nexo Wine Bistrot.
December 2016
IV Congreso Expresión Culinaria Chiapas 2016
October 2016
A conversation between two Friends
October 2016
Cake & Bake Masters
October 2016
Come de tu cuenca.
October 2016
Carlota Anniversary
June 2016
May 2016
January 2015

"Del plato a la boca..." no es que en esta ocasión se caiga la sopa, sino que de diseño y artesanía local, la obra que se hizo es sin igual.

El diseñador André Rocha de Steam228 trabajó con maestros artesanos de varias regiones de Portugal para llevar nuevas formas a la mesa en la pasada edición de Sangue Na Guelra, Lisboa 2015.

La colaboración y trabajo fue en conjunto; el ingenio, la creatividad e innovación de los chefs participantes, artesanos, diseñadores y André, obtuvieron grandes resultados.

El trabajo con Oswaldo Oliva, no fue la excepción; quien llevo sus ideas de la mano de Ostaria Tavares , DAR y André.

Vajilla de Arcilla con un baño de kaolin. Foto: Elizabeth Chichino

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Mexico City 1985. Had he not been so sure about being a chef, he'd probably work at the stock market today. — People used to get very upset when I said I wanted to cook for a living; everybody said they expected more of me.— Only his family understood that he had a potential that needed to be fueled in the atmosphere of a restaurant and with he ability to express himself through food.

He graduated from Culinary school in 2006 and immediately started traveling through the world of fine dining. El Celler de Can Roca in Catalunya (Northern Spain) was his first stop. He worked side by side to Joan and Jordi Roca with whom he learnt the importance of cooking as a part of a global experience.

Mugaritz in the Basque country was next on his list. The restaurant where they do what nobody else dares to think about. Its unique and incomparable philosophy opened his eyes to an approach to cooking led by creativity and a strong focus on produce.

He worked at Mugaritz with Andoni Luis Aduriz for 7 years. He was part of the R&D kitchen where his daily work ranged from creating dishes to writing scientific papers.

2015 begins his solo career with the fixed idea to combine experience and knowledge to contribute to the gastronomic panorama.

Great admirer of Michel Bras and Pascal Barbot, but as any Mexican, he is well able to enjoy some good tacos.

He has the conviction provide everything he knows, and the idea that is working that make restaurants. Not the produce, not the concepts, not the fame and fortune. TEAMS."


In the kitchen and others disciplines...


Oswaldo Oliva is passionate about food, science and the observation of gastronomic culture. His life among stoves and the interaction with a wide range of disciplines have enriched his vision and goals throughout his career.

Being part of the teams of El Celler de Can Roca (2005-2006) and Mugaritz (2007-2014) was a privilege that soon became a way of life. Discipline and commitment were only the first of many values these great projects lived by.

In 2015 begins his solo career ; at international level is part of the the must important Portuguese food festival " Sangue Na Guelra " and cooking with friends in "Young Chef with Guts" . Also, take part in one of the most innovative proposals of Pop -Up market " Carousel_London " which makes him worthy to be named , with Nuno Mendes as the Chefs of the London summer time ; performs " Postrivoro ", one of the reference and stage in Fine Dining new talent.

In Mexico joint stove next to Jair Tellez (Merotoro), Fernando Hernández (Moyuelo) and Francisco Ruano (Alcalde).



At Mugaritz, his restlessness and curiosity were fueled in the development kitchen where he soon led research projects, wrote scientific papers, and gave professional workshops. He has given courses at Azti Tecnalia and the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian. In 2012 Enrique Olvera invited him to be a speaker at Mesamerica, the most important Mexican food congress . He has also shared his insights about ice cream making together with Jordi Roca, Angelo Corvitto and Fernando Sánz Duarte during the most important food event specializing in frozen desserts.

Together with Andoni Luis Aduríz, he has also been part of cooking demonstrations at the Centre de Formation Alain Ducasse (ADF) in France, the Culinary Institute of America in NY and The Massashussets Intitute of Technology (MIT). He has also been an active participant of gastronomic gatherings around the world (MAD Symposium, Mesamérica, Madrid Fusión, San Sebastián Gastronomika among others).





1st Anniversary of Nexo Wine Bistrot.
December 01, 2016

Join us in an unforgettable dinner with great chefs. Is the first anniversary of Nexo Wine Bistrot. 

IV Congreso Expresión Culinaria Chiapas 2016
27 de October 2016

University of Science and Arts of Chiapas through a degree in Gastronomy and the Research Group "Gastronomic and Socio-Cultural Heritage Food" and the Center for Tourism Research Applied "CITA" of the Autonomous University of Chiapas has the honor of invite to IV Expression Congress Culinaria Chiapas 2016 "Tradition, research and Innovation" which aims to create spaces for reflection, analysis, discussion and dissemination of knowledge of food, cooking and gastronomy for the exchange of research information, trends and experiences among actors that interact in this sector; from the perspective of tradition, research and innovation.

A conversation between two Friends
October 27, 2016

Words that say, thoughts to remember and memories that still there. This is between Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz) and Oswaldo Oliva (knee). 

This is simple: A conversation between two friends.

Filming & Edition: Paul Brauns y Daniela Felton// Moderator: Arisbeth Araujo.


Cake & Bake Masters
01 de October 2016

Oswaldo along with Lorea, will be part of Cake & Bake Mexico estre month. The date is Oct. 14 at 13h00 at the Pepsi Center WTC Mexico City. GET FREE

Info and registration Cake & Make Masters


"New businesses, services above objects".

Come de tu cuenca.
October 01, 2016

We invite you to support Huerto Tlatelolco enjoying through this Assembly Chefs: "Eat your basin."


Carlota Anniversary
04 de June 2016

Hotel Carlota celebrates its first anniversary and invites you to be part of it in an event where you can enjoy dishes prepared by renowned chefs , good music and the best atmosphere .

" Palomazo Carlota " offers a different experience you can not miss this June 23 at 7:00 pm . Casual event will be a break with formality that often surrounds the dining area , to enjoy a " taste " of what each chef prepare .

You can make your reservation by calling 5511-6300 or by writing to where giving your details you can buy your ticket, you can also transfer or purchase directly at the premises of Carlota .

May 01, 2016

In the editorial field, he has developed several projects as an author or co-author:

    •    "Effect of highly aerated food on expected satiety", publicado en Functional Food Product Development. (2010) Wiley - Blackwell.

    •    "The Pleasure of Eating: The Integration of Multiple Senses", publicado en The Kitchen As a Laboratory. (2011) Columbia Press.

    •    "Culinary Trompe-l´oeil: A New Concept in Coating", publicado en The International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science (2012). Elsevier.

    •    "Paletas. The Mexican Treat: Culinary history on a refreshing stick", Fool Magazine #1 (2012).

    •    "Bread of Life" Fool Magazine #5 (2014).


01 de January 2015

Adapting Nomad:

Sangue Na Guelra. Young Chefs whit Guts.

Asalto a Merotoro.

Carousel. -London.

Explorando el lado Helado.


Aniversario Mercado del Carmen. 

El Imperdible de Moyuelo.

Francamente Alcalde. 


If you are interested in any of the following courses, services or collaborations, please contact us.

The Specialized training courses is focus on professionals in the food industry, management of teams, innovation projects and education.
  • Thinking Excellence.
  • Protein structures in cooking.
  • Sous-vide cooking.
  • Microstructures. Gels and thickeners.
  • Creativity.
  • Menu design.
  • Development of new gastronomic models / projects.
  • Menu design for restaurant projects.
  • Gastronomy and science articles and editorial overseeing.
  • Multidisciplinary connections related to food and creativity.
  • Events Organization.
  • Collaborations with other disciplines and their relationship with food.
  • Private dinner.
  • Tasting menus.
  • Events.
  • Master Class.



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